On 1 December 2016 at 18:39, Liviu Ionescu <i...@livius.net> wrote:
> as for snapshotting, I'm not sure how I can use this for bare
> metal devices (hints highly appreciated).

You need a QCOW2 disk to store the snapshots on, but it
doesn't actually need to be accessible to the guest system,
so it should work fine for embedded boards with no hard
disk. Taking savevm snapshots doesn't need any cooperation
from the guest OS, so it will work with bare-metal setups.
has some info on how to do this.

I don't know whether anybody's tested this with M profile:
snapshotting does need support from all the devices in
the system to save and restore their state (otherwise
after restore the system misbehaves because devices
which didn't restore their state are out of sync with
the rest of the system). It's generally fairly easy to
add support when a device is missing it, though.

-- PMM

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