Am 18.06.2017 um 09:21 hat Xie Changlong geschrieben:
> In device hot-remove scenario, if we don't probe acpiphp module on
> the guest, 'device_del' will never emit DEVICE_DELETED event(because
> guest will not write to __EJ0) . So we can confirm that hot-remove
> failed. But IIUC, there is no event such as DEVICE_ADDED, so
> 1) How can we confirm hotplug('device_add') successfully?
> 2) It seems when hot-plug disk, we don't care acpiphp module status
> on the guest, am I right?
> 3) Why there is no DEVICE_ADDED like event?

device_add doesn't need guest cooperation, so it is immediately
completed when the QMP command returns success.


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