On 8 February 2018 at 13:38, Marcel Apfelbaum <mar...@redhat.com> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> On 08/02/2018 14:59, Peter Maydell wrote:
>> (3) Some of the new headers use kernel-internals __u32 etc types.
>> This isn't portable. ('HACKING' has some suggestions for types you
>> might want instead.)
> We do not "use" the __u32 types, we just copied a kernel file
> for structures used for communication between the guest driver
> and the QEMU code. We had a look on how it is done and
> we use the model that adds macros __u32 -> uint32_t,
> so the "__types" do not really create such problems.

If we're using kernel header files, I would recommend using
the scripts/update-headers machinery for this, the way we do
for other kernel headers. Among other things, the cp_portable
function in that script will fix up the type names for you.

-- PMM

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