On 08/02/2018 15:08, Stefan Hajnoczi wrote:
> Now on to libiscsi:
> The iscsi_task_mgmt_async() API documentation says:
>   * abort_task will also cancel the scsi task. The callback for the
> scsi task will be invoked with
>   *            SCSI_STATUS_CANCELLED
> I see that the ABORT TASK TMF response invokes the user's
> iscsi_task_mgmt_async() callback but not the command callback.  I'm
> not sure how the command callback is invoked with
> SCSI_STATUS_CANCELLED unless libiscsi is relying on the target to send
> that response.
> Is libiscsi honoring its iscsi_task_mgmt_async() contract?

No, and QEMU is assuming the "wrong" behavior:

static void
iscsi_abort_task_cb(struct iscsi_context *iscsi, int status, void *command_data,
                    void *private_data)
    IscsiAIOCB *acb = private_data;

    acb->status = -ECANCELED;


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