On 07/02/2018 20:11, Roman Kagan wrote:
>>> +/*
>>> + * Set given event flag for a given sint on a given vcpu, and signal the 
>>> sint.
>>> + */
>>> +int hyperv_set_evt_flag(HvSintRoute *sint_route, unsigned evtno)
>> Any reason (e.g. something from the spec) not to spell "event" and
>> "eventno" in full?
> None beyond me being on the "shortest-comprehensible-name" camp :)
> I thought "evt" was unambiguously parsed as "event", and "msg" as
> "message".  Isn't it?

Yes, it's understandable, however my guess would have been that "msg" is
way more common than "evt".  grep seems to agree

  $ git grep '\Bmessage\|message\B' | wc -l
  $ git grep '\Bmsg\|msg\B' | wc -l

  $ git grep '\Bevent\|event\B' | wc -l
  $ git grep '\Bevt\|evt\B' | wc -l

where quite a few "evt" instances are matching "devtree" or "devtype".

("\Bfoo|foo\B" avoids the cases where "foo" is an entire word, which
would probably favor "message" and "event" when they appear as English


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