If you use -D <file> it will create a file named <file>, which will
contain any logs created via the qemu_log subsystem (which might be
nothing at all, depending on what the guest does). I don't know where
the "-strace" part would come from unless you specified it as part of
the filename.

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  qemu-user option -strace -D <file> doesn't work

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Bug description:
  I have been trying to access qemu -strace output from a script
  The main problem was it was on stderr, the strace output was merged with my 
program's stderr output.
  Then I tried to use the -D option, to log the output to a file.
  This didn't work even if the log file was created, but it was empty.

  I have looked at the source code and found the print function was not
  qemu_log with -strace but gemu_log (to be clear it was GEMU NOT QEMU)

  I have then replaced all gemu_log by qemu_log removed declaration of gemu_log 
and recompiled, it seems to works just fine right now.

  removed declaration here and here:

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