On 02/14/2018 09:16 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
How shall we proceed with this series? Patch 3 depends upon patch 1, so
I think it makes sense to merge this in one go.

I can give my R-b on patch 1 and Someone(tm) can merge this, or I can
take the whole series through the s390 tree (with some further
reviews/acks on patches 2/3).

I'd still like to give a thorough QMP review; it's on my list to get to today.

Okay, I've added more review comments; I think there's still enough worth polishing that resending a v3 of the series is worthwhile, and do agree that we want all three patches through a single tree (s390 sound fine to me). But in general, I'm okay with the QMP changes (what looks like duplication is caused by modernizing the naming, which means we DON'T want to play games with trying to inherit one type from the other, and the argument about deprecating the old naming seems reasonable).

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