On 2018.02.22 10:30:55 +0100, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
>   Hi,
> > Nice! Seems to be the last missing gap for local spice with cursor
> > dmabuf support, we'll do more testing on that for sure. Btw, another
> > method might be to add direct cursor dmabuf passing for spice as gl
> > output, is that correct way?
> Passing on the cursor sprite needs the hotspot information, so spice
> client can position the cursor correctly.  I didn't got hotspot
> information in my testing yet, but maybe the guest kernel was too old.
> Is that supported meanwhile?  If so, which kernel version is needed?

Current gvt dmabuf doesn't support true hotspot info yet which requires
some pv info update as we can't get it from hw state. Tina is pursuing that.

> Spice already has support for setting pointers, we can simply use
> that, at least initially.  Doesn't use dma-bufs.  If it turns out to be
> a performance issue we can add support for using dma-bufs instead, but
> that needs spice server changes.
> > And really like to see dmabuf support could be in upstream soon. Do
> > you have any predict for which qemu version?
> I want have this in 2.12, at least the current, initial version.
> Improved cursor support might take a little longer.

Good to know. Thanks!

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