Yes, it looks like we accidentally broke icount. This patch from the mailing 
list fixes it:

though it hasn't been code-reviewed yet.

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  Cortex M:qemu abort with optimized code and icount

Status in QEMU:

Bug description:
  A basic program runs fine if compiled with flag -O0 with gcc, but triggers a 
qemu abort when compiled with -O1 and run with icount:
  "qemu: fatal: IO on conditional branch instruction"

  I also noticed the problem on C source like this with -O0:
  "int foo = *bar; bar++;" : OK
  "int foo = *bar++;" : FAIL (!!!)

  Optimized binary attached to this ticket.

  command line:
  qemu-system-arm -M lm3s6965evb -nographic -kernel hello.bin -serial 
file:$(tty) -icount 4 -cpu cortex-m4
  (working fine without icount)

  QEMU emulator version 2.11.50 (v2.11.0-2146-gd9bbfea-dirty)

  Compilation options:
  ./configure --target-list=arm-softmmu --disable-slirp --disable-blobs 
--disable-docs --disable-guest-agent --disable-gnutls --disable-nettle 
--disable-gcrypt --disable-sdl --disable-gtk --disable-vnc --disable-virtfs 
--disable-mpath --disable-xen --disable-brlapi --disable-curl --disable-bluez 
--disable-kvm --disable-hax --disable-hvf --disable-whpx --disable-rdma 
--disable-vde --disable-netmap --disable-linux-aio --disable-cap-ng 
--disable-attr --disable-vhost-net --disable-spice --disable-rbd 
--disable-libiscsi --disable-libnfs --disable-smartcard --disable-libusb 
--disable-live-block-migration --disable-usb-redir --disable-lzo 
--disable-snappy --disable-bzip2 --disable-seccomp --disable-glusterfs 
--disable-tpm --disable-libssh2 --disable-numa --disable-libxml2 
--disable-tcmalloc --disable-jemalloc --disable-replication 
--disable-vhost-vsock --disable-opengl --disable-virglrenderer --disable-xfsctl 
--disable-qom-cast-debug --disable-vxhs --disable-crypto-afalg 
--disable-vhost-user --disable-capstone --disable-pie 

  I have also tested previous versions:
  - stock qemu-system-arm 2.5.0 from ubuntu 16.04: OK
  - git version: QEMU emulator version 2.10.0 (v2.10.2-dirty): OK
  - git version: QEMU emulator version 2.10.90 (v2.11.0-rc0-dirty): FAIL

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