Marc-André Lureau <> writes:

> Following a discussion on the mailing list:

If a reader of this commit message could profit from reading the
discussion, refer to it by URL and/or Message-Id.  If not, don't mention

>                                             while it may be convenient
> to accept NULL value in qobject_unref() (for similar reasons as free()
> accepts NULL), it is a probably a bad idea to accept NULL argument in
> qobject_ref().

Yes?  What's the patch doing about it?  Peeking ahead: it outlaws it.
So say that.

> Furthermore,

Commit message smell: two things in one patch.  Worth separating them?

>              it is convenient and more clear to call qobject_ref() at
> the time when the reference is associated with a variable, or
> argument. For this reason, make qobject_ref() return the same pointer
> as given.

Not 100% clear whether the patch merely makes the "convenient and more
clear" way possible, or reality.  Peeking ahead: it's the latter.  So
say that.

How did you find the places to change?

Do you think you got them all?

> Signed-off-by: Marc-André Lureau <>

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