On 17/05/2018 14:44, Daniel P. Berrangé wrote:
>> +ifeq ($(CONFIG_X11),y)
>> +sdl.mo-objs += x_keymap.o
>> +gtk.mo-objs += x_keymap.o
> Would this cause symbol clash if both sdl & gtk modules are loaded
> at the same time, or have we used linker scripts to limit what symbols
> each module exposes ?

We don't, but: 1) the file has only functions and no data; 2) in any
case the symbols are the same, so it is not a real clash.

Adding linker scripts would be a nice improvement, but it is not
necessary for this patch.

Another possibility would be to include x_keymap.c in the files that use
it and make qemu_xkeymap_mapping_table static, but I think it would be
the worst.


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