On 08/08/2018 13:48, Juan Quintela wrote:
> Hi
> First the things I didn'~t touch:
> - CONFIG_FOO in source files (scsi mainly)
>   Paolo said that there are people working on that

IIRC I was referring to tests, so basically the first half of this
series.  The virtio-pci bits look great though.


> - usb: it is a mess how things are entangled there
> - acpi options (like hotplug etc); another entanglement
> So, what is there?
> - the bits that didn't got reviewed on previous iteration
> - virtio-pci: As Thomas did something for s390, I did the bits for virtio-pci.
> I am able now to disable all virtio-pci devices, and run make tests.
> This is my current virtio bits:

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