On 10/08/2018 13:06, Juan Quintela wrote:
>> I don't think CONFIG_SERIAL_ISA should be in pci.mak though, and
>> CONFIG_SERIAL is a dependency of both CONFIG_SERIAL and
>> CONFIG_SERIAL_PCI.  Perhaps introduce a superio.mak with all the legacy
>> ISA devices?
> Hi
> Several things here.
> a- I am just removing bits that are duplicated in this patch
>    So I think it should got in as it is.

The right thing to do perhaps would be to remove CONFIG_SERIAL_ISA from
pci.mak.  There's no reason why a pSeries-only QEMU would include
CONFIG_SERIAL_ISA, I think.  Thomas, Laurent?

> b- SuperIO: I would really be able to remove isapc machine type and
>    isa-bus and related friends. (Yes, as put before, I know that all
>    pc's have an isa bus, but no need for things like mmouse nowadays)

Not sure how isapc and a hypothetical superio.mak are related.

> c- untangling piix and q35 is a bit of work.  The things that I remember
>    from memory:
>    * tests: we have tests for both on the same file (we can split the
>      file)

Again, you're duplicating what qos-test is doing, and again I'm not sure
how (c) is related to the other parts.


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