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  Crypto related operations failing on Alpine Linux on QEMU 4.0

Status in QEMU:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  I'm unable to boot the netboot image of Alpine Linux using QEMU 4.0.

  Steps to reproduce:

  curl -O 
  curl -O 
  qemu-system-ppc64 -kernel vmlinuz-vanilla -initrd initramfs-vanilla 
-nographic -append "console=hvc0 ip=dhcp 

  The init script will automatically download and install an in-memory
  Alpine Linux environment. However, with QEMU 4.0, the installation
  process will fail with "BAD signature" errors:

  (1/20) Installing musl (1.1.22-r2)
  ERROR: musl-1.1.22-r2: BAD signature
  (2/20) Installing busybox (1.30.1-r2)
  ERROR: busybox-1.30.1-r2: BAD signature
  (3/20) Installing alpine-baselayout (3.1.2-r0)
  Executing alpine-baselayout-3.1.2-r0.pre-install
  ERROR: alpine-baselayout-3.1.2-r0.pre-install: script exited with error 127
  ERROR: alpine-baselayout-3.1.2-r0: BAD signature
  (4/20) Installing openrc (0.41.2-r1)
  ERROR: openrc-0.41.2-r1: BAD signature
  (5/20) Installing alpine-conf (3.8.3-r0)
  ERROR: alpine-conf-3.8.3-r0: BAD signature
  (6/20) Installing libcrypto1.1 (1.1.1c-r0)
  ERROR: libcrypto1.1-1.1.1c-r0: BAD signature
  (7/20) Installing libssl1.1 (1.1.1c-r0)
  ERROR: libssl1.1-1.1.1c-r0: BAD signature
  (8/20) Installing ca-certificates-cacert (20190108-r0)
  ERROR: ca-certificates-cacert-20190108-r0: BAD signature
  (9/20) Installing libtls-standalone (2.9.1-r0)
  ERROR: libtls-standalone-2.9.1-r0: BAD signature
  (10/20) Installing ssl_client (1.30.1-r2)
  ERROR: ssl_client-1.30.1-r2: BAD signature
  (11/20) Installing zlib (1.2.11-r1)
  ERROR: zlib-1.2.11-r1: BAD signature
  (12/20) Installing apk-tools (2.10.4-r1)
  ERROR: apk-tools-2.10.4-r1: BAD signature
  (13/20) Installing busybox-suid (1.30.1-r2)
  ERROR: busybox-suid-1.30.1-r2: BAD signature
  (14/20) Installing busybox-initscripts (3.1-r7)
  ERROR: busybox-initscripts-3.1-r7: BAD signature
  (15/20) Installing scanelf (1.2.3-r0)
  ERROR: scanelf-1.2.3-r0: BAD signature
  (16/20) Installing musl-utils (1.1.22-r2)
  ERROR: musl-utils-1.1.22-r2: BAD signature
  (17/20) Installing libc-utils (0.7.1-r0)
  ERROR: libc-utils-0.7.1-r0: BAD signature
  (18/20) Installing alpine-keys (2.1-r2)
  ERROR: alpine-keys-2.1-r2: BAD signature
  (19/20) Installing alpine-base (3.10.0-r0)
  ERROR: alpine-base-3.10.0-r0: BAD signature
  (20/20) Installing openssl (1.1.1c-r0)
  ERROR: openssl-1.1.1c-r0: BAD signature
  20 errors; 0 MiB in 0 packages
  grep: /sysroot/etc/inittab: No such file or directory
  /sbin/init not found in new root. Launching emergency recovery shell
  Type exit to continue boot.
  sh: can't access tty; job control turned off
  / #

  If I boot up a disk image created by a previous version of QEMU,
  crypto related operations like verifying a RSA signature using the
  "openssl" command will also fail.

  I didn't see these errors on previous QEMU versions or other
  architectures on QEMU 4.0

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