The idea about a public facing Gating CI for QEMU was lastly
summarized in an RFC[1].  Since then, it was decided that a
simpler version should be attempted first.

Changes from the RFC patches[2] accompanying the RFC document:

- Moved gating job definitions to .gitlab-ci-gating.yml
- Added info on "--disable-libssh" build option requirement
  ( to Ubuntu 18.04 jobs
- Added info on "--disable-glusterfs" build option requirement
  (there's no static version of those libs in distro supplied
  packages) to one
- Dropped ubuntu-18.04.3-x86_64-notools job definition, because it
  doesn't fall into the general scope of gating job described by PMM
  (and it did not run any test)
- Added w32 and w64 cross builds based on Fedora 30
- Added a FreeBSD based job that builds all targets and runs `make
- Added "-j`nproc`" and "-j`sysctl -n hw.ncpu`" options to make as a
  simple but effective way of speeding up the builds and tests by
  using a number of make jobs matching the number of CPUs
- Because the Ansible playbooks reference the content on Dockerfiles,
  some fixes to some Dockerfiles caught in the process were included
- New patch with script to check or wait on a pipeline execution

[1] -
[2] -

Cleber Rosa (5):
  tests/docker: add CentOS 8 Dockerfile
  tests/docker: make "buildah bud" output similar to "docker build"
  GitLab CI: avoid calling before_scripts on unintended jobs
  GitLab Gating CI: introduce pipeline-status contrib script
  GitLab Gating CI: initial set of jobs, documentation and scripts

 .gitlab-ci-gating.yml                         | 111 ++++++++++
 .gitlab-ci.yml                                |  32 ++-
 contrib/ci/orgs/qemu/build-environment.yml    | 208 ++++++++++++++++++
 contrib/ci/orgs/qemu/gitlab-runner.yml        |  65 ++++++
 contrib/ci/orgs/qemu/inventory                |   2 +
 contrib/ci/orgs/qemu/vars.yml                 |  13 ++
 contrib/ci/scripts/gitlab-pipeline-status     | 148 +++++++++++++
 docs/devel/testing.rst                        | 142 ++++++++++++
 tests/docker/dockerfiles/centos8.docker       |  32 +++
 .../dockerfiles/debian-win32-cross.docker     |   2 +-
 10 files changed, 751 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 .gitlab-ci-gating.yml
 create mode 100644 contrib/ci/orgs/qemu/build-environment.yml
 create mode 100644 contrib/ci/orgs/qemu/gitlab-runner.yml
 create mode 100644 contrib/ci/orgs/qemu/inventory
 create mode 100644 contrib/ci/orgs/qemu/vars.yml
 create mode 100755 contrib/ci/scripts/gitlab-pipeline-status
 create mode 100644 tests/docker/dockerfiles/centos8.docker


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