Hi all, sorry for cross posting, but I guess porting plugins to QGIS3 is
a very wide topic.
I'd like to make you aware of a plugin that we just released that gets
you to write your python plugins code only once and get QGIS 2.8 - 3 and
PyQt4 -5 support.

QGIS2compat targets two main use cases.

PyQt compat
If you still need to rely on QGIS < 2.14 writing from qgis.PyQt will not
work for you as the qgis.PyQt package is simply not there. And this is
one of the two use case where QGIS2compat can help you. This feature is

QGIS 2-3 API compatibility
The other use case of QGIS2compat plugin is the availability of a QGIS
API compatibility layer which lets you write your code for QGIS 3 API
and it will take care of adapting it to the QGIS 2 API. This feature is
an ongoing work in progress since we are in the middle of API breakage
period. So we do need your help to keeping adding new apicompat fixes.

Here some more details.
here the code: https://github.com/opengisch/qgis2compat
and here the plugin http://plugins.qgis.org/plugins/QGIS2compat/

For now I marked it as experimental, so please go test it out and let us
know how it works.

Also, please contribute APIcompat stuff as explained in the docs.


Marco Bernasocchi
opengis.ch - berna.io - 27summits.ch

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