having a plugin which creates point features in a memory layer, and we
created a custom expression to return html from the (complex, json
containing) attributes to be shown as a maptip.

on my development machine: QGIS master on Linux this works flawless
(really cool using those custom expressions brought in via plugins!)

but on the client machines: Windows7 running QGIS 2.14 (LTR) it just is
not very reliable:
- if it is the first layer, the maptips just do not show, even not if I
make it a simple field-maptip. Sometimes after some fiddling with the
maptips it works suddenly
- if I first load a vector layer, do some maptipping on it and then load
my memory point layer, those maptips also work...

Is the memory layer a problem?
Is it the custom expression?

Ringing a bell at somebody?

How to debug such problems?

I will try to mimic it with a smaller dataset and non custom
expressions, but just wanted to ask here, hoping somebody would tell:
nope just install 2.16.3... if it is there, then it is fixed :-)


Richard Duivenvoorde
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