Hi folks!

I'm going to discontinue the Table Manager. It was always a dirty workaround, 
and nowadays (with recent QGIS versions and GDAL 2) numerous data corruptions 
are reported. As QGIS finally contains the Refactor Fields tool and doesn't 
need any external plugins, I believe it's the high time to kill the Table 
Manager. I'm going to release the final version that displays a farewell 
message pointing users to the Refactor Fields (and still works, beside that 
message). Of course if someone is willing to take the development and keep it 
up to date with the changing GDAL‚ I can abstain :)

Table Manager was translated into French, Russian and Ukrainian, so I'd like 
to ask the translators for help with that message. However... I can't remember 
who was the original translator. A massive shame on me, as it seems I didn't 
put any credentials anywhere! I don't know how could I overlook it :(( I 
apologize and promise to fix it as soon as we find the right persons.

I believe it was Maxim for Russian and Alex for Ukrainian, were you? But who 
made the French translation? Régis, maybe it was you or do you have any ideas?

Best regards


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