Il 11 ottobre 2016 10:45:18 CEST, Sandro Santilli <> ha scritto:
>Chasing a regression bug upon importing shapefile to postgresql [1]
>I've stumbled upon an unclear semantic of the "length" member of
>QgsField class [2].
>The Ogr provider, upon loading shapefiles, uses the DBF field width
>_minus_one_, for reasons that are unknown to me. Upon writing a layer
>to PostgreSQL, the missing _one_ results in values being too large
>for the field size.
>So the solution to this bug seems to be a clear definition of what
>QgsField::length is supposed to be, beacuse either Ogr provider is
>doing a mistake in reducing that field by 1 or PostgreSQL provider
>is doing a mistake in NOT augmenting that field by 1.
>Does anyone have an idea about how should QgsField::length be
>interpreted ?
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Isn't it related to the comma being counted in real fields?
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