> I don't want to reduce the problem to a personal one, but I think that an
> author, that is a programmer that reaches 171128 downloads, could be
> considered trusted.
> Roberto you are well known in the community and I think we know and trust
> you by now :-)

This means I have my plugins auto-approvated ?   Tell me.

> We also want to promote a plugin repository that contains code that won't
> remove all files from a user's hard drive or worse....

I think this is a crime, and it is punishable by law, so there would
be a problem
only for a simple plugin, but for any program, open source, free, and other.

So, unless we do not want to question again the world of programming, this
is a false problem, I thought was passed in open source minds.

I developed iPhone app, and one that I deeply loathed is the approval
mechanism of the app through the Apple Store. But in that case it was
justified (and history has shown this) because iPhone and smartphones in
general are becoming a kind of credit card, with all the necessary safety
precautions necessary.

But in the case of a gis, open or not, the maximum damage that a plugin can do
is produce the prints off the press sheet.
Rather, I would see the most important working upstream python environment,
and the plugin to work in a sand-safe box.

The plugin approval phase  is now only a sort of prior censorship, given
into the hand of a dark presenteeism that moves according to his personal
sympathies, with its time and its summary judgments.

That aside, let's describe what I think should happen:

1) In the upload page of the plugin should be included a clear warning that
explains what the rules (possibly in several languages).

2) Only after you have answered affirmatively to the request for acceptance
of the rules, and having filled a registry programmer, which assumes
its responsibilities
clear (thus taking away from the main program) the programmer can send the

3) On dobrebbe servers exist an automatic procedure (antivirus, automatic
control sources to figure out harmful instructions, etc.) that warns the
existence of problems.

4) The plugin is immediately available to users, who can report in case of

5) The GIS program has a python version controlled, which prevents damage to
the operating system and more.

This is what I think should be done, not to be left to the stone age.   :)

Best regards

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