In addition to Martin and Nathan's great replies I can add:

> On 16 Oct 2016, at 6:26 PM, Geo DrinX <geodr...@gmail.com> wrote:

> [Set up] an automatic procedure (antivirus, automatic control sources to 
> figure out harmful instructions, etc.) that warns the existence of problems.

This was the first option we looked in to. Do you know of some good tools for 
detecting malicious code in python? It is a hard problem to solve and simple 
things like preventing shell calls are not productive or effective. In the end 
we decided to take a social approach to peer review (which is a completely 
different thing to censorship). By the way I am not averse to some limited 
censorship of plugins if they go against our code of conduct [1] and diversity 
statement [2] for example, I would support banning them. I think any reasonable 
community would expect that of us....


A case in point might be a plugin aimed at belittling a particular ethnic group 
or gender identification or which otherwise promotes intolerance. Thankfully 
such a situation has never arisen. Our friendly non-combative community is 
something that makes the QGIS community a joy to participate in. Lets try to 
keep that in mind whilst having this discussion too and focus on practical, 
achievable solutions if you have concerns.

My best regards



Tim Sutton
QGIS Project Steering Committee Chair

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