On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 03:32:42PM +0200, Geo DrinX wrote:

> Who judges the job, maybe months, another programmer, who is giving to the
> community that has developed because of its usefulness ?
> Maybe Richard Stallman ?   By chance Gary Sherman  ?
> Probably would not do it even they.

Just my experience (since you mention Stallman): when I offered my SINS
videogame [1] to the GNU project, it was rejected because another similar
game existed already in the offering, so my project would have been
a duplicate.

SINS is still available, just not part of the GNU project.

It happens to me that QGIS desktop application also allows using
external repositories, so users can choose who to trust.

I won't comment about the rules for acceptance of plugins in the
"official" repo as I don't know them.

[1] http://strk.kbt.io/sins/


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