> Didn't you use "ctest" ?

Yes, the first list of errors was from that

> PYTHONPATH to include ${BUILDDIR}/output/python/plugins.

Have done that and now am building the latest branch

> using latest tree
> in release-2_16 branch

Before you wrote branch 'master_2'
- that is what I checked out after committing my 'master' (where the need
changes for gdal 2.* have been made - was a September version of release-2_16
branch) and am now building.

2 weeks ago I found:

where I was planning to add some tests.

Since the original version is now compiling against gdal 2.*, I will
attempt to write a test that when running against gdal 1.* should cause a
'symbol lookup error'.

Also to test the ogr autotest database 'spatialite_8_2' which contains more
than 1 geometry in the main table
- which for the present code should fail.

The 3rd test was to test if the kml file sent for bugreport 15168
(non-unique layer-name) can be read correctly.

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