On 12/01/2016 12:23 PM, Paolo Cavallini wrote:
> Il 01/12/2016 12:20, Nyall Dawson ha scritto:
>> I don't really understand what you mean by this - can you elaborate?
> I think some expression (in this case the one calculating Percentage
> buffer) could be saved in a list, with a descriptive name, so the user
> could use it straight away, without typing or even understanding the
> details.
> All the best.

I think the tricky part is the parameters for the expressions.

    "scale_value_field" / @percentage * 100

       ^^^^                 ^^^^
   field parameter      integer literal parameter

I think it will be required to formalize these paratemers and create a
UI for them to make it really user friendly.

Or I didn't understand your idea yet.

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