On 19-05-17 01:23, Nyall Dawson wrote:

> On this note - I've recently discovered the need for some type of
> reusable layer selection widget which allows choice of existing
> layers/loading new layers from the file system/loading new layers from
> available db/online connections. This would be extremely valuable for
> processing too!
> So I'm really glad to hear that you'll be pushing ahead with this work
> - thanks Boundless!

Yep, and thanks Alessandro for the screenie. Makes me want more!

@Nyall in Essen the talk was to start with what Alessandro wrote in his
email, so 1 dialog 'merging' all buttons/widgets/dialogs into one, reuse
as much as possible. So it was possible to get it into 3.0

Off course people (.../me) started brainstorming about features which
w/could be added too :-)

Your idea adds (I think) to the idea to make some kind of
'datamanagement-console' in near future, where you can create/copy
data(!), move data around (browser part) or delete it.
Your note fits in this isn't it?



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