On 3 February 2018 at 19:04, Raymond Nijssen <r.nijs...@terglobo.nl> wrote:

> I think those colors should be:
> - not too dark (too close to black)
> - not too close to grey
> - not bright yellow, since this is the selection color

Totally agree

> Another thought here, for polygons I find myself changing the standard black
> outline to a darker and opaque version of the fill color. And often I prefer
> using a transparent fill color cause it makes it much easier to viewing
> results on the background map. Could this be the default or an option?

Me too. However - I don't think this should be default behavior. The
reason is that if we make the initial outline color a non-desaturated
color (say dark blue if a polygon layer is assigned a blue fill
color), then this outline color is kept whenever a
categorized/graduated style is applied to the layer. So you'd end up
with classes with different colors (say red/green/yellow) having a
dark blue outline color. This is going to be ugly, yet a lot of users
may not notice AND even if they do it's non-trivial to change this for
new QGIS users.

So I'd rather stick with the safer option and keep the
"make-the-outline-a-darker-version-of-the-fill" as an advanced users

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