Il 08/02/2018 13:57, Richard Duivenvoorde ha scritto:

> my 2cts: try to fix it either by fixing the code that creates the url
> for the  1. Help system URL (even if that would need a switch from
> native->qgis or so)..
> OR by just plain renaming those directories in the manual (2. doc URL)
> (as in Sphinx the links are never the the real html names, but to those
> ref-id's). Note that renaming files or directories means changing
> paths/resourcenames for transifex too.
> only if all fails I would start to create redirects, as in my experience
> these are very hard to maintain, especially when they need to work
> between different kind of QGIS versions....

agreed fully. as agreed upon during latest PSC meeting, the matter
should better be solved before Q3 release: it's such a pity having help
and not being able to display it to users.
I would ask Richard, who is familiar with the structure, to decide for
the best solution, and ask the most appropriate person to implement it.
QGIS:ORG has some limited resources to implement it if necessary.
Thanks again.

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