Using the algorithm id
On 09-02-18 08:29, matteo wrote:
>> With the above PR the help directs to the URL using an id based
>> anchor, so the anchors themselves in the docs should be updated to fix
>> this.
> so the provider issue is fixed. Now from the doc side, we have to change
> the section headers so that they match the unique id of the algorithms
> in the code. Did I understand it correctly?

yes, but I think we first have to rename the rst files like:


so the output html name becomes 'vectoranalysis.html'. Apparently
filenames earlier where chosen for readability, but we now use the
'groupid' (looking at Nyalls pull

And THEN we need to make sure the section names/headers indeed are the
same as generated by the helpurl code, so the anchor is ok:

So as Nyall is saying: using the algorithm id instead of the name.

One thing to note: If I am correct Alex (in cc) was the one who created
all the templates for this algorithms via a script. I wonder if he saw
that as a one-time template generation, or that it was his intention to
keep stuff uptodate this way? @Alex?


Richard Duivenvoorde
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