On 09-02-18 09:34, Rashad Kanavath wrote:
> I am giving up on this contribution as it seems impossible to get small
> changes like this.
> Thanks for all your time.

Hi Rashad,

Thanks for your time.

But I do think that you do not give enough credit to Alex et al here:

By telling us that "just because of you can't understand this simple
stuff". I think we/Alex ask valid questions about the consequences for
OTHER providers and QGIS and processing as a whole. While to you it is
'a simple PR'. QGIS devs feel responsible for the whole picture, and OTB
provider is a part of the pack that have to fit in.

Maybe at a hackfest, foss4g or other meeting it is good to come together
face to face so it is easier to actually SHOW each other the
bears/problems we see?


Richard Duivenvoorde
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