> I am giving up on this contribution as it seems impossible to get small 
> changes like this.
> Thanks for all your time.

The change is not small. It might have important consequences in other
parts of Processing. I gave the PR a +1, probably without having
analyzed it in detail. Alex and Nyall had some doubts and asked you
questions. That's how it works. I guess you can understand that, even
if you think the change is safe, others (in this case with a deeper
understanding of the QGIS core code) might want to be sure of that.

In the comments to the PR you replied with "That's your problem. fix
it on your side." No, sorry, but it is not like that. If you submit a
PR, there should be no need to fix anything after merging it. If it
breaks something, you should provide a fix in the PR itself. Ideally,
we should have tests that warn us about any possible break. Since we
don't have them, we (the developers that take care of merging your PR)
play that role and try to analyze what might happen if the PR is
merged. That takes time, and in some cases discussion is needed.
Please, show more respect in your comments.

I suggest leaving the PR open and continue discussing it. It might be
a good contribution to the Processing code and might make things
easier for the OTB provider, but please understand that all changes
must be carefully analyzed in case it's not clear that they are needed
or are safe.

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