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On Mon, 19. Feb 2018 at 10:46:34 +1000, Nathan Woodrow wrote:
> If we don't move off Redmine in the near future (although I do a see a
> GitLab/Github move inevitable) what sign in options do we have that we can
> implement for our sites?  If we can't move off Redmine it would be nice if
> we could make the sign in process for issues.qgis.org and plugins.qgis.org
> a more pleasant one.
> Is it possible to wire in Gtihub, Facebook, Google, and all those kinds of
> providers into the site? If so what kind of work is required for that to
> happen.

Should be.  There are plugins for redmine to do this (github at least; also
oauth) - but we didn't have enough time in Essen to get them to fly after the
migration and people wanted to start working on tickets - and this wasn't
revisited AFAIK after we put the new instance into production.

BTW osgeoids are not required for redmine - you can register directly, but for
uploading plugins you need one (and if you don't already have one the mantra;
which you get quickly if you use a mail address that suggest that it's real and
that you will not spam - for gmail.com, hotmail etc. we first try to establish
that the person is real - so that might take longer).  Recently we had two
redmine tickets issued by (a) spammer(s).

While I agree that the mantra could be a large enough obstacle to turn people
away from filing tickets (hence it's not used there), I don't think the same
applies for plugins.


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