Redmine also has a REST-API (JSON & XML).  
Since github also has an API (and also hooks), you could also synchronize 
GitHub/GitLab issues with Redmine and vice-versa. 
All you'd need to do is add custom-field on the redmine issues, so you could 
determine which issues are already synchronized. 
Potentially add a custom-datetime-field "last_synchronized", if 
synchronization/updates should work both ways.
Then you can add a service/daemon to hourly run over all redmine issues and 
synchronize them to github. 
And then pull all github issues and feed them into redmine. 
If you could store the redmine-issue-id into a github issue, that should be 
fairly simple. 
Via hooks you might also be capable of live-synchronizing github issues as they 
are created. 

That way you could receive issues via github, and still only have to look at 
I've worked with redmine in the past, and redmine has web-service support for 

The only question would be if the github-api provides custom fields ? 

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Hi Nathan,

On Mon, 19. Feb 2018 at 10:46:34 +1000, Nathan Woodrow wrote:
> If we don't move off Redmine in the near future (although I do a see a 
> GitLab/Github move inevitable) what sign in options do we have that we 
> can implement for our sites?  If we can't move off Redmine it would be 
> nice if we could make the sign in process for and 
> a more pleasant one.
> Is it possible to wire in Gtihub, Facebook, Google, and all those 
> kinds of providers into the site? If so what kind of work is required 
> for that to happen.

Should be.  There are plugins for redmine to do this (github at least; also
oauth) - but we didn't have enough time in Essen to get them to fly after the 
migration and people wanted to start working on tickets - and this wasn't 
revisited AFAIK after we put the new instance into production.

BTW osgeoids are not required for redmine - you can register directly, but for 
uploading plugins you need one (and if you don't already have one the mantra; 
which you get quickly if you use a mail address that suggest that it's real and 
that you will not spam - for, hotmail etc. we first try to establish 
that the person is real - so that might take longer).  Recently we had two 
redmine tickets issued by (a) spammer(s).

While I agree that the mantra could be a large enough obstacle to turn people 
away from filing tickets (hence it's not used there), I don't think the same 
applies for plugins.


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