Dear QGIS developers,

As some of you may know, a new version of the PROJ library is about to be 
released. At the moment we are on release candidate 3 [0].
It is very likely that this release candidate will be promoted to the final 
release. Before that happens though, I want to make sure
that we are not breaking the interface to QGIS. I don't expect this to happen 
but since the internals of the library has undergone
major surgery some testing of this is warranted. Especially in QGIS which is 
too important to not work with a new major release of

So, has anyone from the dev team successfully build QGIS against the current 
release candidate? And if not, would someone be
willing to spend a bit of time testing if everything works as expected? I know 
this is a bad time since everybody is busy with
QGIS3, but nonetheless a quick check confirming that the new major versions of 
both QGIS an PROJ works together will be good
for both projects.

Thanks in advance,

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