Having a geocoder plugins, in 2.18 (still proj4), I can geocode my home
address, and reproject the epsg:28992 coordinate fine to epsg:3857.

But since last week Debian has proj5, and the same plugin (in QGIS
master) now is off by 500 meter.

To reproduce: if you have a QGIS 2.18 with proj4, and the
'pdokservicesplugin' geocode the zip+number: '2022zj 23' in for example
the osm xyz layer.
Now do the same in QGIS master with proj5 and you'll see it is not going
to the right/same position.

Another observation: IN 2.18 I can 'reproject' the OSM layer to for
example epsg:4326, and still see (little distorted) map.
But in QGIS3/proj5 I do not see a map anymore.

Anybody else seeing this?


Richard Duivenvoorde
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