Wanting to test something temporarily, I copy an (arbitrary) shp file to
my /tmp dir (on Linux).

I open the shp file (via the Data Source Manager) and browse/open the
shp in the /tmp dir.

The shp opens fine, BUT in the layermanager I see the little 'memory'
icon, as if this is a memory layer??

Also: if I try to close the project (after or before saving it), I get
the warning "This project includes one or more temporary layers. These
layers are not permanently saved and their contents will be lost. Are
you sure you want to proceed?"

Strangely, if I reopen a saved project, the shp (as memory layer) is
opened fine.

BUT... these are not really temporary layers.. these are real shapes
(well, in my /tmp dir, but... as long as I do not restart they are there
and should work... I think).

Is this by design? Or is it a bug because there is 'tmp' in the path?
I tested also to put it in ~/tmp but then it is OK...


Richard Duivenvoorde
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