On 03/12/2019 09.50, Nyall Dawson wrote:
>> Is this by design? Or is it a bug because there is 'tmp' in the path?
>> I tested also to put it in ~/tmp but then it is OK...

> By design -- it was added because many of the processing providers
> which rely on 3rd party utilities (e.g. grass, saga) put temporary
> outputs there, and users weren't getting any warnings that these are
> just temporary. Basically the warning which previously showed only for
> memory layers has been extended to include anything inside the
> operating system's temporary folder (i.e. /tmp, but not ~/tmp on
> Linux).

Ah, thanks Nyall. I understand the reasoning, and agree...

Though it does not feel as perfect yet:

The memory tooltip of this layer says:
 "Temporary Layer Only. Contents will be discarded after closing QGIS"
But compared to a real memory layer, it is still there if you reopen the
project (or quit/open QGIS).
So it seems we mix two concepts?

Thinking out loud here, I know this will all cost time/energy, so I
understand if this is ignored...

What about leaving out the 'memory' icon, and only warn users IF they
have layers in temporary places? And instead of:
"This project includes one or more temporary layers. These layers are
not permanently saved and their contents will be lost. Are you sure you
want to proceed?"
Something like:
"This project includes one or more layers which are saved in temporary
directories". If you want to keep that data, please save or copy the
data to non-temporary dirs" ?

Or as bonus: maybe thing of some icon for these processing output
layers: maybe the little 'gear'-icon we use for processing?
In the case of a processing output I will then see the little gear icons
(AND get the warning).
In my usecase I will only get the warning (and I will ignore it :-) )

As said: I understand there are probably more important things to do,
just wanted to think about it a little...


Richard Duivenvoorde

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