Hi Voytek,

In my opinion this is a bug in QGIS server - if it generates a
GetCapabilities or GetProjectSettings response, but no GetMap. Can you
please open an issue?

If the "Service Capabilities" is checked off, QGIS server should just
issue an error message that the service is not available. In that case
we could even display an error message in QGIS Web Client if the service
is not available.

I just tested it and can confirm that the GetCapabilities is still
issued even if the checkbox is not turned on. This is a bug in my opinion.


> The problem with the map not loading was being caused by not having the
> "Service Capabilities" box checked in Project Properties/OWS Server.
> Once that's turned on, the project loads fine in the web client (albeit
> with other issues unless the CRS stuff is sorted out also). Rookie
> mistake, obviously.
> Thanks again.
> -voytek

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