Swisstopo WMTS and WMS? Is the data not recent enough?
Did you have a look at all these satellite data companies like digital globe etc.?

Regards Stefan

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My employer (Switzerland) is interested in an online image service (satellite or aerial images) that we can legally use to derive data from, e.g. in QGIS. It is important that the data is up-to-date (not older than 1.5-2 years or so).

The "Quick map services" plugin provides data from Google, Mapbox, ESRI, etc. - but as far as I understand we can't use it, because it is illegal to use. Does someone know a similar service to Google, Mapbox or ESRI ArcGIS Online that we can legally use from within QGIS - of course we are willing to pay for it.

Thank you for any hints you may have.

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