Hi Paolo, 

Do you have more information on that? A product link? Do they officially
allow access from any software when using a paid service? 



On 2016-07-05 11:48, Paolo Cavallini wrote:

> Il 05/07/2016 11:46, Neumann, Andreas ha scritto:
>> The "Quick map services" plugin provides data from Google, Mapbox, ESRI,
>> etc. - but as far as I understand we can't use it, because it is illegal
>> to use. Does someone know a similar service to Google, Mapbox or ESRI
>> ArcGIS Online that we can legally use from within QGIS - of course we
>> are willing to pay for it.
> AFAIK Google will allow this use, with an appropriate (fairly expensive
> AFAIK) licence.
> All the best.

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