I have a process that I would like to create using QGIS. I am just a
beginner in this program/process, but know just enough to get into trouble.
I work for a vegetation control company and want a way to manage my data. I
have data from my client (power company) – points of the poles and lines
for the power lines. I need to collect data in the filed using Canvas app –
customizable and can export into a CVS file. What I want to do is collect
location (pole number), status (applied not needed, application completed,
customer refusal, federal land), time, date, employee, photo and some
details if the application was applied.

My first issue is the CVS file has both the lat/long in one column
separated by a comma. I see that the import process requires them to be in
separate columns.

Second when collecting the pole numbers, it cannot be a dropdown box, as
there are thousands of poles to scroll through on the app.

My goal is to create a process that imports the data from the Canvas app
and creates a visual status of the lines – different colors for each status
type. I would have to “link” my data to the current data received from the

Any thoughts, applications/ programs or resources would be greatly

Jonathon Roberts
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