Hi Tyler,

This is a good question, and an important one, and don't feel bad about posting it here - likely we can all learn from this discussion, as it definitely involves the whole QGIS community.

I have quite a lot of experience backing up databases, especially PostgreSQL/PostGIS databases. I can tell you that it is for sure important to run "pg_dump" as a daily backup (in addition to your whole server image/backup) - that pg_dump has saved me and my clients hundreds of times, and it is very portable and easy to access (as opposed to your whole image/machine backup). One very important point (that's I've learned from experience) when using pg_dump is to *always* use the custom binary/compressed output format (the "--format=c" commandline switch for pg_dump). I've had terrible times with the other output format types, especially when restoring a database from a Windows server to a Linux server etc (with hardcoded paths inside the backup). I live by that format, swear by it, from experience, moving so many client databases from one machine to another.

Another mailing list to keep in mind is the PostGIS mailing list, where these backup topics also pop up from time to time - and discussions are more geo-related, so are very helpful, than just the generic PostgreSQL mailing list.

So, definitely implement an additional backup process using pg_dump (you can experiment restoring it through the "pg_restore" command), you won't regret the effort spent.

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Jeff McKenna
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On 2016-07-14 11:35 AM, Tyler Veinot wrote:
Hi All;
I am thinking about getting IT to install PostgreSQL on our server and
start moving our GIS Data over to the post database. My concern is
backup; we currently backup the whole server onto, what are called
"tapes" but I am sure they are not cassettes or the like, anyway twice a
day the whole server is copied so we can go back to previous versions of
a file or folder to; roll back, restore, or recover. With this in place
do I need to setup a separate backup or replication service on the
postgre database? Could I just "roll back" using a later server version?
Well.... I guess this is more of a postgre question and not so much a
QGIS one; but I am going to put this out there anyway and if no one can
answer I will find another spot.

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