I made this offer a couple of months ago, but it probably got buried in the
thread because no one has responded. I still think it would be good for the
QGIS community to get updated and working installation instructions for
QGIS Server, and this is my contribution.

To my knowledge, there is no current, official and validated installation
and configuration manual for QGIS server on Windows 2012 server.

Offer of sponsoring.
I hereby offer unlimited admin access to a Windows 2012 R2 server in the
cloud, to install QGIS and QGIS Server, configure it and publish one QGIS
project, and document and publish reproduceable step by step-instructions
for this platform.
Admin access will be granted for a reasonable time, to anyone in the QGIS
community who wants to do this, and has sufficient QGIS and Windows
experience. I will decide who gets access, and will monitor and follow up
on the process.
The resulting documentation will of course be offered as part of the QGIS
Server manual.
The candidate may select which web server to use, even if I would prefer
The candidate may also select the kind of data source for the published WMS
I will provide one vanilla Windows 2012 server cloud machine for a
reasonable period of time.

Regards, Mats.E

*GisKraft*, GIS och webbkonsult
Mats Elfström, Väpplingvägen 21, SE-227 38 LUND, Sweden
tel: +46 70 595 39 35 / web: www.giskraft.com
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