I have a field in a PostGIS table for which I would only like the user to be 
able to select a pre-defined value.

Along with my table, I have created a separate PostGIS table listing out those 
values that I would like the user to be able to select. I filled out the 
options within the value relation widget for my layer, but have found that when 
I bring my table back into my project after saving it, I am unable to see any 
options in the drop down menu it shows (I saved my style when I set the value 
relation widget properties).

The error I get is regarding permission denied for the sequence (as I have a 
primary key field in my main table, although I have made sure the user has all 

Just wondering what possible issues I might be having? Do I need my non spatial 
table in the project as well? I can provide any further information as required.

Thanks, Chris

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