Hi all,

something good to know when creating a PostGIS connection in QGIS using a 
service defined in .pg_service.conf:
While pgAdmin reads the conf-file not taking care the EOL-setting (end of 
line), QGIS can only read conf-files saved with UNIX-EOL-setting (LF only; e.g. 
in Notepad++: Edit -> EOL Conversion -> Convert to UNIX). With Windows-Setting 
(CR+LF), QGIS interpreters the CR as blank space after the actual host-name and 
the host-name can't be read correctly (Error message: could not translate host 
name "localhost " to address: Unknown server error).
Seems that pgAdmin is "more intelligent", or in other words, is less strict 
interpreting the conf-file than QGIS is. Took me a while to find this out and 
may help others when trying to create a PostGIS-service-connection in QGIS.

Best regards

Benjamin Fünfer-Königstein
S-IP-AN-TG Techn. Geschäftsfelder

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