Hi Tyler,

To test connections, I always first use the 'psql.exe' commandline utility, and then once I verify that works I would try the 'ogrinfo.exe' commandline utility. Both should at least allow you to view the tables in your database, or, display a readable error.


Jeff McKenna
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On 2016-07-20 4:34 PM, Tyler Veinot wrote:
I am trying to connect to one of my databases under a postgreSQL 9.5.3
(x86) install on windows 7 and I can connect to my geoprocessing
database, just a location where I use PostGIS function on spatial data,
but I cannot connect to my workorders database. They are under the same
install with the same connection parameters. I get a message "consult
message log for details" when I test the connection but I cannot find
the log with the details in it.
Database; name; host, and port are correct so I don't know what the
issue might be. I was connected to it through libre base but I have
since closed that connection.
Anyone have a similar issue?

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