I have run into this bug on Linux Mint.

My home folder was in the svg paths, but I did not add it myself. Perhaps this was introduced with the 2.14 bug as mentioned? I also have a symlink in my home folder. Accidentally selecting the SVG marker has resulted in a freeze/crash at least 2-3 times. Removing my home folder from the svg paths seems to have provided a solution.


/- In 2.14 a bug was introduced which automatically added user's home />/folders to the svg paths. 
That's fixed now, but users may still have />/that path included. />//>/- there's a valid bug 
regarding endless loops with symlinks, that />/should be fixed />//>/- but mostly, I think the 
svg loading needs to be moved to a non />/blocking background thread. So please keep the report open 
until this />/is addressed./

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