Hi All;
I just noticed since moving to the 2.14.4 LTR that some filegeodatabase
features and SID geotiff's will not open in QGIS getting a file not
recognized error. I tried to install the gdal libraries with OSGeo4W
Installer as well as completely uninstalled and reinstalled QGIS/OSGeo4W
with LTR 2.14.5 and a full OSGeo4W Install. Still getting the error, has
anyone else have this issue? Those running 2.12.x have not reported an
issue so I am assuming it is something to do with my install and/or QGIS
Noticed someone on the Stack Exchange website had the same issue and it was
resolved by installing the GDAL Libraries and mrsid libraries, which should
have been installed when I ran the OSGeo4W installer. Using 64bit windows
and 64bit QGIS/OSGeo4W.
Any help would be appreciated;

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