I cannot answer your question directly but u can offer my grain of salt.  
Generally, the correct version of numpy should be Installed with Qgis. 
 However, if you have an other version of Python installed on your machine 
(like Anaconda), the plugins and Qgis could look at that if the Linux 
environment considers that second install as the main default Python 
package.  Make sure this is not an environment variable thing. 
As this is Linux, I have limited experience with this problem but I have seen 
it in Windows. 
Hope this help! 
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I am running 'latest and greatest' opensuse linux, and the related
packages, including QGIS 2.16.1, on a x64 machine.
I am having trouble with some plugins (profile tool being the one I
care about today) but I get the following error quite frequently:
RuntimeError: module compiled against API version 0xa but this version
of numpy is 0x9
I have opened a python shell, and "Print(numpy.__version)" gives me
1.8.0.  I believe this is the current version distributed with
OpenSuse.  I also believe the current version of numpy is 1.11.1.
Can someone explain what numpy versions of 0xa and 0x9 in the qgis
error message mean? (hex values of decimal 10 and 9, I know but how this
relates to my version of 1.8.0 I don't know)
Should I 'just' install the latest version of numpy from
http://www.numpy.org/  or are there some 'gotchas' I should be careful
With thanks
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