Thank you, Andreas and Jürgen, for your encouraging replies. I actually already 
managed to install (and configure) Oracle Client before, but I’m just still 
uncertain if “manage to install” is enough for later productive use.
Maybe I’m too much concerned, and maybe I’m trying too hard to keep things 
simple. But compared to a simple “apt-get install postgresql-client“, 
installing and maintaining the Oracle client on Ubuntu seems like a tremendous 
effort, if not a hack ;-).

I’ll check again if we have any alternative possibilities (e.g. exporting the 
data and importing them into PostGIS). If not, we’re at least not the only ones 
installing Oracle client on Ubuntu. If yes, we’ll gladly avoid it.


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Hi Andy,

In Uster I did this for Ubuntu Server - but mainly for automated OGR 
conversions - not really for QGIS server. But it should work for QGIS Server as 

In Kanton Zug I installed the Oracle client on CentOS, which is of course rpm 
based and it worked fine.

Usually you have to set/extend certain environment variables, such as

  *   PATH

Let me know, if you need assistance.


On 2016-08-17 10:32, Schmid Andreas wrote:

While we're usually working with a PostGIS database, for a specific project 
we're thinking about connecting from QGIS to an Oracle Database this time. This 
should basically be possible. However, our QGIS runs on Ubuntu 14.04, and it 
seems that the Oracle client installation isn't quite straightforward on 
Ubuntu. The instructions on e.g. suggest to convert 
RPM packages from Oracle with alien, which I don't feel comfortable about for a 
production system.

In order to get a feel if working this way is wise, I'd like to know if there 
is anybody of you using QGIS with an Oracle client on Ubuntu in a production 
environment? Do you consider it reasonable? Or would it be crazy to implement 
such a setup? Does anybody know if there exist any original Ubuntu packages of 
the Oracle client?

Thanks for your valuable input.


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