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the below e-mail came across the r-sig-geo listserv, but thought it would
be of interest to QGIS users too.

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From: Richard Barnes <rbar...@umn.edu>
Date: Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 4:58 PM
Subject: [R-sig-Geo] ArcGIS File Geodatabase Format
To: r-sig-...@r-project.org

I've just released C++ source code at https://github.com/r-barnes/Ar
cRasterRescue for extracting raster data from the ArcGIS File Geodatabase
(gdb) format.

Additional work, as outlined in the README.md file, needs to be done to
extend the kinds of compression the code handles, deal with issues of
endianness (the code has only been tested on a little endian system), and
better extract geotransforms and CRSs, but the program is serviceable.

I've got what I need out of this, so I don't anticipate putting too much
more active development into the program myself, but wanted to make the
community aware of it in case there are others who can benefit from it.

Best regards,

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